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A touch of insanity

Isles 'ere.
Schizophrenic, cute as heck, vain as all fuckery.
Oct 25 '12

Personally I like the name “Social Justice Warrior” because I enjoy the romanticising of medieval times. You know what a warrior does? They fight for what they love, for who they love, they fight FOR people. They are not soldiers who follow orders without though.
Being for social justice? How can you not understand what that means? Are you concussed? Social meaning of or relating to an organisation and Justice meaning just or fair treatment.
We are a social group, an organisation that want fair treatment for all. We are warriors because we don’t just fight for ourselves or a “leader”, we fight for our friends, families, strangers.
Choose your words carefully, because calling us Warriors is not an insult, it’s empowering.

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    Okay, I can understand that.
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    The difference is this. When a blogger laughs at a term that people have applied specifically to the hurtful and...
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    fuck off and get a job arsehole. I hope you don’t breed.
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    "You’re a Transsexual but don’t agree with my death threats against this person, or disagree slightly with me? TRUSCUM...
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    stop appropriating the medieval era. i am a medieval warrior and i am offended.
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